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The Miraculous Medal is under utilized and misunderstood. Our mission is to renew devotion to the Miraculous Medal by revealing the deeper mystery of the Miraculous Medal.

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Miraculous Medal Miracle

Miraculous Medal Novena Miracle


What we like about this testimony is that she prayed the Miraculous Medal Novena.  This person from Texas was diagnosed with bladder cancer.


I found the Miraculous Medal about that time and began to pray the novena, asking for help.

Six weeks after my initial surgery I was resigned to the fact that I was going to have my bladder removed, and further tests were done to make sure the cancer had not spread. I prayed to our Blessed Mother asking her to take care of me in my upcoming radical surgery.

My prayers were miraculously answered as all tests came back negative for any cancer. Rather than surgery, I had twelve treatments for bladder cancer that summer and three procedures since, and all have showed a perfectly normal bladder.

I thank the Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercession, and I will not be without my Miraculous Medal ever again.

Association of the Miraculous Medal

Miraculous Medal Testimony

Here is another testimony about the Miraculous Medal.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were walking home from my son’s house. Suddenly a man jumped out of a passing car and began firing a pistol at us.

I pulled my husband to the ground to escape the bullets. Neither of us was hurt, and the man jumped back in the car and sped away.

I had my Miraculous Medal in my pocket the whole time. The police told us that someone was surely watching over us.

Thank you Mother Mary for protecting us.

Association of the Miraculous Medal

Please tell your story about the Miraculous Medal!


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Miraculous Medal Miracle

Clair Hill, Sydney Australia, Feb 18

Three year old Claire was found by her dad lying underneath the dual back wheels, pinned to the ground under a 22 seat bus. The father thought she was dead. She suffered little more than grazes and minor bruising. Claire’s mothers said, “I had put a Miraculous Medal on her just an hour before.”  Medical specialists are astounded.

Traditional Gold Miraculous Medal

likes this testimony

The letter is from Pennsylvania.


Dear Father,


Last year my son was in an automobile accident. He was over-medicated the day he had the wreck.

His car was demolished after he hit a light pole and some trees. He doesn’t remember anything about the accident.

My son was wearing his Miraculous Medal at the time of the accident. He was not injured.

I know that the Blessed Mother was with him and her intervention saved him. He also believes this.

I thank our Lord and his mother for saving my son.

Association of the Miraculous Medal

Miraculous Medal Miracle from Florida


This is my story about my daughter. She was in the hospital in a coma, in a very bad way.

The doctors were doing the best they could, but since she had been in a coma for five days, they were at a loss about how to help her.

When I got the news that she was in the hospital and in a coma, I decided I must be at her side even though I live over 400 miles away.

Before I left, I got my mail. In it was a Miraculous Medal that I had ordered from the Miraculous Medal Association. I took it with me.

On my way, I kept praying, asking God to help me, to show me what I should do.

I went to the hospital with her husband and children. However, the doctors could not give us any good news about my daughter.

I took my Miraculous Medal in my hands and began to pray to our Lady, asking the Mother of God to help my daughter out of the darkness of the coma if it was God’s will.

I asked our Lady to pray for our family in the name of our Lord Jesus, and to give me the strength to accept his will.

The end of my story is that same night about nine in the evening, my daughter came out of her coma. She began to make a rapid recovery and soon came home to her family.

Praise the Lord and our Lady for giving us the great miracle of life that my daughter received.

From the Association of the Miraculous Medal


Lady of Miraculous Medal Miracle

Miraculous Medal Saves Cop

This is the story of a St. Louis cop named Bill who was saved when a shot deflected off his Miraculous Medal!

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